Creating your Self-Brand for a Fortune 100 firm

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Every student sitting for a placement desires to get featured or to be a part of a company that has great prospects and is enlisted in the Fortune 100 firm group.  Being a part of such a firm creates your own unique brand. There is a lot of pre-work for this.

  • Use free learning resources: Two headlines caught my attention this week – Government of India’s own version of Coursera which is cooler than you’d expect, and the recent Delhi University student agitation. While everyone is entitled to their political opinions for the latter, for a student who does not envisage a career in politics, steering clear of mob distractions and keeping undeterred focus on career goal is what will separate the winners from the also-rans. It was sad to see Swayam go largely unnoticed, while it could be a boon for the career-conscious student in his or her efforts to create a distinct and formidable brand in front of employers.
  • Cross-skill yourself: Academic excellence is one thing, but with an increasingly competitive job market, companies prefer graduates who are masters of all trade. A trend has started in the West wherein companies are interested in a specific group of graduates, “Multidisciplinary” students.
  • Approach Great Mentors: Connecting with people in the firm that you want to target is a great advantage. Having someone from the same institution is a blessing in disguise. World is already connected through Facebook and LinkedIn ,  it’s better to connect to your alumni. Talk to them. Learn about how things go about in there. Explore the possibilities of getting admitted in such a firm.
    GraduFund student counseling and financing
  • Seek Internships: Most big companies always open up internship opportunities for young recruits. So never back off from such opportunities.  Continue reading “Creating your Self-Brand for a Fortune 100 firm”

Appealing to Financier’s Discretion for your Loan


After every exam, you have a general idea of what extra you should had done. There is something always missing, in retrospect! Even Hillary Clinton is finding that missing jolt. Similarly, many times your request for finances go unheard. Not because your intent was not good, but probably because you couldn’t project yourself in the best way before the financier, who is looking at your application objectively. Here are a few tips to maximize your odds of getting financed.

  • Firstly, as a financier for 35 years, what I believe is important specifically for a student borrower is to showcase the necessary interest, motivation and capability for the goal the finances would enable – be it for higher studies, startup idea, equipment loan, or anything else. Unless a financier is not confident with your interest, he will hesitate in providing his approval.
  • Secondly, you should not keep the financier in the dark. It is better to disclose everything honestly and adequately, rather than the financier hitting upon a big revelation later. Whether it is bank details, earlier transactions, further actions and motives for future.


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When a Techie turned Special Ops Commando – Leadership Lessons

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A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd

I did not realize this until I joined the Indian Military Academy and things started making sense at a bigger level. After a 6-month technical stint at Accenture, I knew deep within that a stereotypical technologist career path does not align with my aspiration to acquire people leadership skills early on. Consequently, I left my cozy job to join Indian Army, to be a transformational leader.

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Army proved as a double-sided mirror, reflected my strengths and weaknesses not only in front of me but also the 782 men and 42 Junior Commissioned Officers under me in my unit.

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Career Session with GraduFund Leadership


In a recent interactive session with MBA and Engineering students at a globally reputed university, we focused on aspects of students’ lives that make it the most promising yet challenging phase, their career options and paths, and tips to decide whether “An Entrepreneur versus An Intrapreneur” path is better suited for them. A brief snapshot of what took place and what resonated strongly with the student community.


The key speakers were Mr Abhijit Onkar, co-founder of GraduFund, and ex-Strategy Consultant at Deloitte; and Mr Ram Ravichandran, Director of Analytics at Visa Inc., in his personal capacity. While we expected a few students for a focused group discussion about GraduFund, we were both overwhelmed and humbled by the response, as about 3X more students turned up for the session voluntarily, at the end of a tiring day for most. At the same time, the scheduled one-hour interaction went on to two-and-a-half, and the depth of interaction was amazing!


Two main patterns emerged during the talks – Finance and Career Connect. Keep on the lookout for the details on this engaging session – We will cover the details of the rich interaction soon in our GraduFund blog! As our reputed speaker, Ram, echoed his thoughts after the session – “These guys are amazing, and with the right opportunities, they will create amazing things…Learnt 10X more from them, than what we expected” .

Couple of feedback points cited verbatim, from the student community that loves what GraduFund does -“Students absolutely loved it.” “It is a great beginning. I wish to see its success and effectiveness personally.”

This is what keeps us going!

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of how the GraduFund community of financiers, employers, alumni, technology and management experts are making students’ lives hassle-free every single day, let us know. You can write to us at for a planned session at your institution.