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Unanth brings to you one of its kind multilingual course offerings. this blog has top 10 courses being offered in Hindi. Expand your career options with Unanth which offers tutorials on a wide range of subjects: Java, Python, Big Data, Networking et al. At present these courses are being offered at a discounted price. Here is another opportunity to make the best use of these pocket-friendly resourceful courses, all you have to do is – Enter promo code ABH67959 while registering for a course featured in our blog or site to get jawdropping discounts!

1. Become a Full Stack Web Developer –  A course in Hindi to learn concepts, tools and techniques required to become a full-stack LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) developer and how to implement it. With an enrolment of 98 students, the course has an exceptional rating of 4. Offered at a price of Rs.999, this online course is an all-in-one place for everything you need to become a professional web developer.


2. Complete Web Development using ASP.NET, C# and MVC – One of its kind course offered on Web Development using ASP.NET, C# and MVC in Hindi. With an enrolment of 64 students, the course has an exceptional rating of 5. Currently offered at free of cost this course teaches you how to build ASP.NET Core(ASP.NET 5) Web Applications from the ground up.


3. Learn Python with Example – Learn Python Programming in Hindi and give wings to your career. Get this python programming tutorial and learn python from the industry expert. The course has been given a rating of 4 and is the best resource for beginners to advanced. It currently has an enrolment of 287 participants offered at a price of Rs.999.


4. Data Analysis Fundamentals with Excel – This course is taught in Hindi, focussing on the core concepts of Microsoft Excel. With an exceptional rating of 5, this tutorial is offered at a reasonable price of Rs.999. Enroll for this course to get an overview of the fundamentals, from performing common calculations to conducting Bayesian analysis with Excel.


5. Learn Linux in Hindi – Learn the core concepts and real-world examples of Linux in just 5 days. This resourceful tutorial has an incredible rating of 5 and can be purchased a price of Rs.999 only. If you want to learn how to use Linux and level up your career but are pressed for time, this one is for you.


6. The Complete Big Data Course in Hindi – Enrol for this one of a kind course in Hindi that helps you understand Complex Architectures of Hadoop and its components. Offered at a reasonable price of Rs.999, this tutorial has garnered an exceptional rating of 5. This course will teach you all technologies fundamental that are linked to big data quickly.


7. The Complete Android Developer Course in Hindi – If you aspire to learn coding and app development and increase your earning potential, this may be the apt course for you. Offered at only Rs.999 the tutorial has an incredible rating of 5. It is taught in simple, jargon-free language.


8. Master The Python Interview – Need a one-stop shop resource to help you land your next Python role, this is the tutorial tailor-made for you. This course will teach you everything including Real interview questions, Real coding exercises and how to solve them etc. The course has garnered an exceptional rating of 5 and is being offered at a price of the only Rs.999


9. Amazon Web Services Essential Training – Amazon Web Services is one of the most desired skills by employers today. This course walks you through utilizing the wide range of Cloud Computing services that Amazon provides. Learn the concepts by investing just Rs.999. With an incredible rating of 5, this course is for you if you want to learn the fundamentals of Cloud Computing using Amazon Web Services.


10. Data Analysis using Python- Pandas, Numpy and Matplotlib – This course provides an opportunity to learn about third-party packages designed specifically for data analysis: Pandas and NumPy. Currently being offered at a discounted price of only Rs.999, this tutorial provides a refresher on the basics of working with data containers in Python.