App to get high paying job skills in 2018

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GraduFund team is excited to beta launch our PlayStore app GraduMint – the ultimate membership app to make up-skilling hassle-free.


This app unlocks a constantly growing array of benefits for the career savvy. There are 2 levels of membership benefits. You can unlock core membership instantly by confirming your identity. GraduFund also offers a paid Prime Membership plan, where you get access to a prepaid credit line. We notify you once your Prime Membership card is ready.

As core features, we have curated thousands of online courses by skills, user reviews and ratings for you to make an informed choice. We also offer personalized career navigation maps, access to exclusive career networking events and workshops on the hottest events and low-cost books and certifications on the hottest job skills.

In short, you have one app to rule them all!

Some of the features might not be available in your country or city, we will notify you when that happens. Till then, enjoy the free app features!