Appealing to Financier’s Discretion for your Loan

After every exam, you have a general idea of what extra you should had done. There is something always missing, in retrospect! Even Hillary Clinton is finding that missing jolt. Similarly, many times your request for finances go unheard. Not because your intent was not good, but probably because you couldn’t project yourself in the best way before the financier, who is looking at your application objectively. Here are a few tips┬áto maximize your odds of getting financed.

  • Firstly, as a financier for 35 years, what I believe is important specifically for a student borrower is to showcase the necessary interest, motivation and capability for the goal the finances would enable – be it for higher studies, startup idea, equipment loan, or anything else. Unless a financier is not confident with your interest, he will hesitate in providing his approval.
  • Secondly, you should not keep the financier in the dark. It is better to disclose everything honestly and adequately, rather than the financier hitting upon a big revelation┬álater. Whether it is bank details, earlier transactions, further actions and motives for future.


  • Thirdly, having a positive approach is essential. We are trained as financiers not to make an impulsive lending decision in the very first meeting, but to test repayment capability, psychometric disposition and other factors. And if you’re asking for funds, the first deferral in decision does not mean that you will be rejected. You need to project your positive attitude to your financer. When you show you have ‘Room’ of improvement, the world will show its ‘Hall’ of acceptance.
  • One more thing that the financiers are looking for, is the depth and the range of your plan to utilize funds. Your possible options when nothing goes as per the plans. Ways that you will build contingency to be able to return my money, whether you have the ability and attitude to take up non-glamorous job or part-time job if things fall apart, your secondary options of repayment even though they comes as an afterthought.
  • But in the end, what eventually will get you financed is your positive attitude towards life and the determination to excel, come what may.

The author has been a financier in State Government Financial Corporation for over three decades.