Creating your Self-Brand for a Fortune 100 firm

Every student sitting for a placement desires to get featured or to be a part of a company that has great prospects and is enlisted in the Fortune 100 firm group.  Being a part of such a firm creates your own unique brand. There is a lot of pre-work for this.

  • Use free learning resources: Two headlines caught my attention this week – Government of India’s own version of Coursera which is cooler than you’d expect, and the recent Delhi University student agitation. While everyone is entitled to their political opinions for the latter, for a student who does not envisage a career in politics, steering clear of mob distractions and keeping undeterred focus on career goal is what will separate the winners from the also-rans. It was sad to see Swayam go largely unnoticed, while it could be a boon for the career-conscious student in his or her efforts to create a distinct and formidable brand in front of employers.
  • Cross-skill yourself: Academic excellence is one thing, but with an increasingly competitive job market, companies prefer graduates who are masters of all trade. A trend has started in the West wherein companies are interested in a specific group of graduates, “Multidisciplinary” students.
  • Approach Great Mentors: Connecting with people in the firm that you want to target is a great advantage. Having someone from the same institution is a blessing in disguise. World is already connected through Facebook and LinkedIn ,  it’s better to connect to your alumni. Talk to them. Learn about how things go about in there. Explore the possibilities of getting admitted in such a firm.
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  • Seek Internships: Most big companies always open up internship opportunities for young recruits. So never back off from such opportunities. Firms like Google even select people from internship programs so the prospects for a better recruitment is always in the scene.
  • Unlearn and Re-Learn: Open yourself to letting go of past learning that may be irrelevant in light of new learning. “Unlearning” is a deep concept, easier said than done! Explore new spheres of talent. Conquer the stage with various activities. Become a good a speaker. Improve your credibility as a team player. Just don’t remain stagnant in your own progress. Keep trying new things. Have new ideas. Firms always like students who have new ideas to work upon in future.  So always work towards new ideas.


It is not just about getting limelight in family functions but about having greater positions of responsibility. So there is no magic wand that will get you to a great company. Beyond the few simple ideas above, have a proper plan for implementing them even during the worst of times. Every firm wants a person who knows how to sail through testing times.