Top 10 Online Courses on Digital Marketing – Part 1

So you have the desire to explore digital marketing as a career skill-set? Here goes GraduFund recommended list of top 10 courses in Digital Marketing based on highest user ratings and reviews, on the most popular online platforms.

I. The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1

Now that’s what we call a jawdropping deal! Here is a course that promises to enhance your skills in the world of digital marketing. It’s a bundle! This one is available on Udemy  reasonably priced for the value this adds to your resume. The course has average rating of  4.4  based on 17,674 reviews.


II. Digital Marketing Nanodegree

This is one of the popular nano-degree courses offered by Udacity. For the job-readiness quotient this certificate will add to your resume, we consider it maximum bang for the buck. Priced at a premium, there is a reason why this course is rated  4.7 by over 2000 reviews.


III. [2018] Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing

This is cheaper than most comparable courses offering certificates around digital marketing, that hold value for employers. Udemy has gem of an offering for those excited about growth hacking at a steal. The course has average rating of 4.4 with over 1,946 reviews.


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IV. Digital Marketing Career Track – Combine analytical skills with creative thinking

This course offers an accelerated learning curve to students interested to learn how to combine left part of the brain with the right part, while learning digital marketing as a career. This is available on Springboard at $600/month. The course has average rating of 5 but the number of reviews is unavailable.


V. Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape

Coursera has a differentiated way of offering monthly pricing for the self-paced learner. For instance, if you are a power learner, you can complete this certificate course at $43/mo. The course is slightly lower ranked at 3.9 with over 852 reviews.